Turnkeysupply of Low Current and Safety and Fluids systemsfor the new Ariane 6 launch base

Since 2017, Telematic Solutions is involved in the construction of the launch base for the new European launcher Ariane 6, whose first launch is scheduled for end 2020, with two contracts for the construction, maintenance and operation of:
- low current and safety systems, which allow tocarry outin safety the various activities in the base
- fluidic systems, relating to the transfer and storage of fluids to be used by:

  • Ground systems (air/nitrogen, breathable air, etc...)

  • The launcher (ventilation, conditioning, attitude control, pressurization by hydrogen,gaseous oxygen and high-pressure helium, etc…)

In particular, Telematic Solutions is responsible for the design, procurement, installation and commissioning of the LCS systems "Gas and Toxic Vapour Detection", "PA system", "Structured cabling” and "Pre-Wiring and Telephony" and fluids systems "Air" and "Water", whose main functions are:
- launcher and payload ventilation, with controlled parameters
- the automatic deluge of the launch pad a few seconds before the launcher start, in order to protect the launcher and the ground structures from acoustic vibrations and high temperatures by creating a "wall of water"

The trust placed in Telematic Solutions in a program of such importance for Europe in the space sector is the demonstration of the good work carried out by this company for more than 10 years at CSG (the European Space Center) and its ability to manage successfully industrial projects of all types and sizes.

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