Telematic Solutions has many years of experience in the creation of systems aimed at the safety of people, goods and the environment, focusing on the design, supply, installation and commissioning of:

  • fire detection and fire extinction
  • gas and toxic vapour detection
  • evacuation
  • video surveillance
  • access control and
  • anti-intrusion systems



In the last 10 years, Telematic Soulutions has developed its skills about fluids systems of the ground segment of the launch bases at the Centre Spatial Guyanais (CSG), the fluids systems fieldhas become one of the most important of Telematic Solutions activities. From the specifications provided by the customer, we furnish a system design that satisfy the requirements ofour customer, in full respect of the safety conditions imposed by this type of system (high pressure, dangerousness of the fluids involved, etc…).

We own the experience that allows us to satisfy the needsof our customer, but also to study and focus onthe system and present alternatives, which are able to optimize the proposed solutions, from the technical or the economic point of view. Studies and development of the project are the first steps of the project, Telematic Solutions ensure also the construction and validation of the system. Telematic Soluitons means also experiences and competences of its qualified engineers and technicians that bring the system into service and are responsible for tests carried out, in order to ensure the correct functioning that respects the customer requirements. We also ensure the maintenance activities related to the use of the system. The training of teams composed of engineers, project managers, coordinators and technicians allows us to cover with a maximum of efficiency, all the different activities required by the projects. Nowadays we areone of the major company, that ensuring for the CSG the implementation of fluid systems.



Telematic Solutions has a long term experience in telemetry environment and in the last 5 years has strongly improved these skills actting a primary role in the frame.
of key projects for ESA (European Space Agency) and CNES (Centre National d Etudes Spatiales):

  • IXV Intermediate experimental vehicle: unmanned space vehicle capable of performing controlled atmospheric re-entry
  • AGATA: air Transportable Telemetry Acquisition Antenna for French Guiana
  • PCDO: server station for the treatment of launcher nominal and real time trajectory

The main activities of Telematic Solutions in this area are:

  • telemetry ground station design and integration
  • station monitoring and control systems
  • design and development of transportable ground station
  • integration and installation of telemetry naval stations
  • design and manufacturing of:
    • real time telemetry data visualization tools
    • recording and reproduction tools for telemetry data
    • post-processing tools for telemetry data
    • telemetry Distribution/Dissemination tools



Among the various activities of Telematic Solutions, we can find the design and supply of turnkey PA systems, which offer possibilities of customization and automation trough the addition of PLCs and HMIs to COTS systems. This is complemented by the expertise in structured cabling, information networks and telephony, with hundreds of kilometers of copper and fiber optic cables installed over several projects.



The activities for the energy department concern the design, manufacturing, installation and test of MT/BT systems, distribution racks and automation control systems. After the design phase, energy team carries out in factory and on siteactivitiesto validate and assure fast and efficient service.