Who We Are

We are a dynamic aerospace company, with a young motivated and enthusiastic team, that are guided by a senior engineer’s team, ready to share their feedback and skills acquired on projects over the years to ensure collaboration and build teamwork to satisfy needs of our customers.


We are an Italian company of the VINCI Energies groupTelematic Solutions is specialized in the realization of projects in the space domain, focused on ground infrastructures which are necessary for the assembly, preparation and launches.

The company headquarter is in Milan and have a subsidiary which name is Telematic Solutions Guyane, based in French Guyane at the Guyane Space Center (CSG), where are situated the launch base of Ariane 5, Vega and Soyouz.

At the beginning, Telematic Solutions was specialized in fluids and low current systems, in few years Telematic Solutions developed his range of actions in different domains, such as mechanical, energy and telemetry fields.

With more than 60 employees, the company owns an excellent engineering center in Milan that boasts the construction of all the new launch bases, Soyuz (2010), VEGA (2012), ARIANE 6 (2021) and VEGA-C (2021).

Demonstrating our seriousness, reliability, transparency in the management of projects, during all these years, in order to satisfy their needs, we are proud to have earned the trust of our customers, through the quality of our job.

In 2016, Telematic Solutions signed a contract with CNES for the realization of the fluid and low currents lots for ELA4, the new launch base for Ariane 6, the new booster of the European Space Agency, whose inaugural launch is scheduled for 2022.