MiSe Prematic-Lab

With reference to the indications in the Annex to the MISE Decree of 1 June 2016, the proposed project is part of the “Advanced manufacturing and processing technologies” (P.to 5.) and more specifically, in the “Technologies for factories of the future able to favor productivity increases accompanied by less use of material and energy, less pollution and less waste production “(Section 5.1).

The aim of the PREMATIC-LAB project is the creation of an automatic device capable of increasing the productivity of environmental analysis laboratories, through the automation of the sample preparation phase (preanalytic).

At the same time, PREMATIC-LAB will allow optimal use of materials with less waste, as well as greater safety conditions linked to the elimination of manual operating phases and, in general, less environmental pollution. Telematic Solutions, as co-proponent of the PREMATIC-LAB project, was responsible for carrying out two main phases:

OR6: “Definition of the Technical and Functional Specifications of the new device PREMATIC-LAB”
OR7: “Development of CAD Models of PREMATIC-LAB”.